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Jewish Studies Academic Programs

Investigate the history, literature, politics, religion, and languages of the Jewish people across time and geography at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our academic programs explore a wide range of topics from a wide variety of approaches. We don’t shy away from challenging subjects, and we welcome all students to join us in exploring the past, present, and future of Jewishness, Judaism, Israel, and religion. 

Our programs in Jewish studies include:

Jewish Studies Graduate Programs

Jewish Studies M.A.

The Masters Degree in Jewish Studies is a 30-credit program combining broad, interdisciplinary, graduate-level training in Jewish Studies with in-depth focus in an area of specialization. 

Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Program offers a Graduate Certificate and a Masters Degree in Jewish Studies.

Jewish Studies Undergraduate Programs

Jewish Studies B.A.

The Jewish studies major provides students with a broad understanding of the full range of Jewish experience over the past four millennia as well as in-depth understanding of aspects of that history and culture.

Jewish Studies Minor

The minor in Jewish studies offers students an opportunity to understand the full range of Jewish experience over the past four millennia. By exploring its history, literature, culture, philosophy and texts, students complete the minor with a broad knowledge of Jewish life.

Hebrew Studies Minor

The minor in Hebrew offers students the ability to function in the widest variety of communicative situations in Hebrew-speaking settings.