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Minor in Israel Studies

Study the history, culture and political structure of Israel and its place in the Middle East, including Hebrew and/or Arabic language.

The minor in Israel studies allows students to study the history, culture and political structure of Israel and its place in the Middle East, including the Hebrew and Arabic languages. Students must complete a total of 15 credits, including ISRL349Z: “History of Zionism and Israel”; ISRL448: “Seminar in Israel Studies”; and 4 other ISRL courses, one of which must satisfy the Middle East studies requirement of the minor.

Minor Requirements

Note that lower-level courses are at the 100- and 200-levels and upper-level courses are at the 300- and 400-levels.

The 15 credits must be distributed in the following manner:

  • ISRL342/HIST376 History of Modern Israel - 3 credits 
  • ISRL448 Seminar in Israel Studies - 3 credits
  • 1 course in the area of Middle East Studies - 3 credits
    • HIST120 Islamic Civilization
    • HIST491 History of the Ottoman Empire
  • 2 elective courses from the following list: 
    • ISRL289 New Explorations in Israel Studies (ISRL289I)
    • ISRL448 Seminar in Israel Studies (ISRL448A)
    • ISRL448 Seminar in Israel Studies (ISRL448B)
    • ISRL449 Advanced Topics in Israel Studies
    • HEBR111 Elementary Hebrew I 3
    • HEBR112 Elementary Hebrew II 3
    • HEBR211 Intermediate Hebrew I 3
    • HEBR212 Intermediate Hebrew II 3
    • ARAB104 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I-II 3
    • ARAB105 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic III-IV 3
    • ARAB204 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I 3
    • ARAB205 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II 3
    • ARAB207 Egyptian Colloquial Arabic II 3
    • ARAB304 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I
    • ARAB305 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II
    • JWST304 Critical Approaches to Israeli Culture
    • HEBR313 Conversation and Composition I
    • HEBR314 Conversation and Composition II
    • HEBR381 Introduction to Hebrew Cultural Studies
    • JWST478 Readings in Modern Hebrew
    • JWST471 Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation


The Israel Studies Advisor is Professor Paul Scham.  He will meet with students each semester.

Each semester the Advisor, in consultation with the interdepartmental faculty advisory committee, will produce a list of courses currently offered, with particular attention to special topics and other exceptional courses. Other courses may be applied to the Minor with the approval of the Advisor.

Prospective Minors must submit applications to the Advisor. Applications to the Minor will be accepted beginning October 1 in the Fall Semester and March 1 in the Spring Semester for enrollment in the following Semester.

Students must have the following:

  • Completed ISRL342/JWST342/HIST376 (or equivalent) with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.
  • Completed at least 30 credits hours of undergraduate study prior to application.
  • Been admitted into the Minor prior to the completion of the final six credits of the Minor.

Up to 25 students will be enrolled annually as Minors on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enrolled minors will be required to meet with the advisor annually during the Fall or Spring registration periods. Students who fail to meet with their advisor or who fail to pursue their course of study may be unenrolled.