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Study Abroad

The Jewish studies program encourages students to spend a semester or a year abroad, especially at one of the universities in Israel.

In addition to Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, among others in Israel, Jewish studies students attend universities all over the world, some of which offer courses for which they receive Jewish studies credit. Students studying abroad often take courses not usually offered at the University of Maryland.

During their time abroad, students enhance their understanding of Jewish life in the regions in which they are studying, as well as improve their language skills. For example, in Israel, they take an ulpan, which is an intensive and semi-immersive Hebrew language course, and practice their Hebrew with Israelis. These experiences are incomparable in enabling Jewish studies students to relate to their studies through language and culture.

A popular choice among Jewish studies students is the Maryland-in-Haifa program. In this program, students enroll in University of Maryland courses, although they take them at the University of Haifa. This program alleviates concerns that students receive transfer credit; all of the courses offered through Maryland-in-Haifa transfer automatically. For more information on studying abroad, please see the University of Maryland’s Education Abroad website.

Scholarship funds are available to any students who wish to augment their studies of Jewish culture, literature, history and texts, especially by studying at an Israeli university, after they have spent at least one semester at the University of Maryland. Visit our Scholarships page for more information on available scholarships.