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Individual Studies Combined B.A./M.A.

The Jewish Studies Program offers a combined B.A./M.A in Jewish Studies. 

The Combined B.A./M.A. Program in Jewish Studies follows rules established by the university for individual programs. The program allows students to take nine graduate credits while still undergraduates and have them count toward both their B.A. degree and an M.A. degree. As a result, students enter the Jewish studies M.A. program having only 21 credits to complete. JWST majors and majors in other departments and disciplines are eligible to apply for the program.

  1. Students submit an application for approval of a combined B.A./M.A. program of study in Jewish studies in the spring of their junior year. (Download here)
  2. Up to three graduate-level courses (9 credits) may be counted toward both the B.A. and the M.A. program. These are normally taken in the student's senior year, and should consist of the following:
    • JWST600
    • Two additional courses on the recommendation of the faculty sponsor(s)

During the student's senior year the student applies to the Graduate School for an M.A. in Jewish studies. 

Acceptance into the Combined B.A./M.A. Program is not complete without the signed approval of the director of Jewish studies, the chair of the student's major department (if not Jewish studies) and the director of the Graduate School. These signatures are to appear on the Graduate School's "Combined Bachelors / Masters Form."

Acceptance into the Combined B.A./M.A. Program by Jewish studies does not constitute admission to the Graduate School, nor does it guarantee admission to the Graduate School.
With the application form please provide the following:

  1. Transcript (unofficial transcript is sufficient)
  2. Letter of support from faculty sponsor(s) (non-JWST majors require a JWST faculty sponsor as well as a sponsor in their own department)
  3. Letter from sponsor(s) should specify two graduate courses in the student's proposed field to count toward both the M.A. and the B.A.
  4. Statement of academic purpose
  5. Sample of academic writing (e.g., a paper submitted for a class)